Power Rangers

Twitch to Run 800-Episode ‘Power Rangers’ Marathon
When the mind thinks of the densest, most sprawling narratives realized over the past couple of decades, the kaiju-influenced action show Power Rangers usually doesn’t pop up first. But a quick scan online would reveal that the series has run for a mind-boggling 837 episodes (and counting!) over the course of 24 seasons since 1993. The series has assumed many forms since then, rebooting itself as a show about ninjas (Power Rangers Ninja Storm), samurai (Power Rangers Super Samurai) and dinosaur-themed warriors (Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Power Rangers Dino Charge, and Power Rangers Dino Super Charge — kids love their dinios). It is, by anybody’s measure, a lot of television.
The ‘Power Rangers’ Are Ready to Rumble in New TV Spots
As ScreenCrush managing editor Matt Singer recently noted, March is now the beginning of the summer movie season. That means saying goodbye to all the middling horror movies, low-concept boutique pictures, and genre films we used to see in March and cutting straight to the $100 million dollar blockbusters that are looking for any competitive edge. Last year, the big release at the end of March was the gloomy Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice; this year we’re going to get the gentler kid’s version of that movie in Power Rangers, a film about people in bulky suits and flying machines fighting CGI monsters. It’s kind of a nice parallel.
The Teens Find a Spaceship in New ‘Power Rangers’ Clip
You know when you’re taking a walk with your friends, and you find a spaceship buried underground, and you go inside for a look around, and then the front door vanishes and you’re attacked by a 2-foot-tall robot? You don’t? Well, these kids in Power Rangers sure do, in this new clip from the movie that, shockingly, is still coming out later this month.
‘Power Rangers’ Trailer Pretty Much Shows Us the Whole Movie
New York’s hottest club is today’s Power Rangers trailer. It has everything: teens breaking sinks, dinosaur robots, Bryan Cranston’s giant head, and Bill Hader punching a tiny homunculus made of dirt. Not to mention Elizabeth Banks in an uncomfortable green suit building a monster out of metallic Silly Putty. Man, there’s a lot going on in this movie.
Ranger Station Episode 69: The Beetle Invasion
we're looking back with an in-depth guide to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, including its source material from Gosei Sentai Dairanger in ComicsAlliance's Ranger Station! This week, despite the title, it's not a crossover with Big Bad Beetleborgs. Thank God.
New ‘Power Rangers’ Poster Gives Us a Look at Those Zords
Just in case you forgot, that Power Rangers movie is still coming out in March, and Lionsgate has rolled out a brand-new poster that gives us a closer look at those Zords. Until now, all we’ve seen of the beasties are little bits and pieces, but now we know for sure what at least two of them look like. And, yes, they’re very big.

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