Turns Out President Obama Is A Vampire Slayer Named Twilight
I'm a pretty casual Buffy fan. I watched the final season kind of in passing (but I did see it all, by golly), I admittedly didn't catch much of "Angel," and I've been a little behind on the trades from the latest Dark Horse comics. So finding out that there's been a mysterious masked slayer called "Twilight" in the mix of late is news to me - and wonderful news at that... Read
Bomb Queen Takes On POTUS With…Bomb Queenness
And you thought the President Barack Obama comics craze was over, didn't you? The premier issue of Image's sixth volume of "Bomb Queen" by Jimmie Robinson has what could be the, it's got President Obama on the cover and it comes out next week...
Obama Fences with Lightsaber on White House Lawn
Having a nerd president is the best. Yesterday Obama was out on the White House lawn for a rally to support his hometown of Chicago in its bid for the 2016 Olympics, an event that included a fencing demonstration where he totally picked up a lightsaber and engaged in mock battle...
Hot Ink — Daredevil #500, Atomic Robo, Ash Saves Obama
ComicsAlliance's Chris Murphy reviews the biggest -- and best -- books coming out this week. LEAVING ALREADY? Daredevil #500 If tomorrow I were to be crowned high king of all comics, given the royal scepter made from rolled up issues of "Action Comics" #1 printed on solid gold, had Stan Lee himself place upon my brow the crown sculpted from dried ink taken from Will Eisner's inkwell,
Hot Ink: Batwoman, Vikings, Barack the Barbarian
ComicsAlliance runs down the biggest -- and best -- books of the week. GRATEFUL FOR A STORY LONG OVERDUE IN Detective Comics #854. When DC reintroduced the character of Batwoman, the mainstream press had a field day with the announcement that she was a lesbian...