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Holiday Gift Guide: The Best of Archie Books One And Two
The Best of Archie Comics Book 1 and Book 2
Available From: Amazon / ArchieComics.com / Your local comic book store
Price: $9.99 each, or $17 for the set at ArchieComics.com
Between the $40 pinboards, the $35 mugs and the occasional $1,000 framed sketch of Batman riding a unicorn, this year's gift…
‘The New Archies’ Are An Abomination In The Sight Of Man
I think the record will back me up here when I say that I'm a pretty big fan of Archie Comics. I can assure you that my love for Riverdale and its typical teens is as devout and true as any that you'll find, but like a lot of my obsessions, it's tempered with one element that I absolu…