Science is a Verb, Science is a Doing Word
Is there anything better than the combination of than cats, science, and jetpacks? With the possible exception of maybe Liz Lemon and bacon and robots, no. This tee, like most sold by the webcomic "Questionable Content," doesn't seem to refer to anything that happens the strip, but who cares...
Zombie Shirt Steals a Page from Wolverine
"Questionable Content" has a new t-shirt for sale, with a slogan that may seem familiar to fans of Wolverine and his famous tag line, "I'm the best there is at what I do, and what I do ain't pretty." Admittedly, what zombies do isn't very pretty either: lumbering around in various states of decomposition in search of brains...
Webcomic of the Week: Speed Beer
It's a little unfair for Questionable Content to tease us with this storyline in the middle of April, but as someone who survived the 2008 Snowpocalypse of Portland by building an enormous snow ramp from my front porch to the street and launching myself out my door on a big plastic disc, I can testify that sledding is good times, beers are a boon to mankind, and combining the two is sublime... Re