Rachel Dukes

Supervised by Frankie: The Comics of Rachel Dukes
Rachel Dukes is a cartoonist who has a diverse body of work, including contributions to the Subcultures and Beyond anthologies and a Steven Universe comic, as well as her own self-published Frankie Comics about her cat. Dukes has her first graphic novel, Let Me Walk You Home, coming out through Abrams in the fall.
Can Appropriate Artist Credit Co-exist With Tumblr And Buzzfeed?
Last week, cartoonist Rachel Dukes posted some eye-opening statistics to her Tumblr about a comic she made about what life as a cat owner is like. She originally published the comic with a copyright notice and a URL to her website. That version of the comic has been seen about 81,600 times. Another version, from which someone removed the URL and copyright info, has been seen nearly 600,000 times,