Marvel Sets The Stage For 2012 With A Week Of ‘Point One’ #1 Promos
With Fear Itself headed for its finale, Marvel's already looking ahead with the promotion of Point One #1, a 64-page one-shot out in November that will reportedly set the stage for seven major stories in 2012. Every day this week Marvel sent out a promo image attached to a creative team that hints at some shakeups and threats within -- and spinning out of -- the worlds of The Avengers, Spider-Man,
Iron Man: Struck By Lightning
Press Release Being the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. means traveling to all sorts of exotic and exciting places, from Madripoor to the Savage Land to...Omaha, Nebraska? That's right, True Believers, in Iron Man #21 the Golden Avenger is coming to Omaha, and not for the delicious steak but to seek out two, all-new superhumans ...