Sanjay Patel

Weekender: Atwood, Copra, Kindred, and Sanjay's Super Team
The weekend is here! Put down your paperwork, throw your stationery out of the window, and do a victory spin in your office chair, because it’s time to catch up on that greatest of all media: comics! What’s been going on this week? There’s so much comics that there’s no way anybody can keep up with all of it — so Weekender is here to catch you up on some of the stories you may have missed, and some of the best writing about comics from the past few days.
‘Sanjay‘s Super Team’: Sneak a Peek at Pixar’s New Short
Two new Pixar films this year means two new Pixar shorts, and while many (myself included) were not a fan of Lava, there’s still hope for the studio’s next short, Sanjay’s Super Team. And you can get your first peek at footage from director Sanjay Patel’s heartfelt and personal animated short with this new official clip.
Best Art Ever (This Week) - 02.27.2015
We make a regular practice at ComicsAlliance of spotlighting particular artists or specific bodies of work, as well as the special qualities of comic book storytelling, but because cartoonists, illustrators and their fans share countless numbers of great pinups, fan art and other illustrations on sites like Flickr, Tumblr, DeviantArt and seemingly infinite art blogs that we’ve created Best Art Ever (This Week), a weekly depository for just some of the pieces of especially compelling artwork that we come across in our regular travels across the Web. Some of it’s new, some of it’s old, some of it’s created by working professionals, some of it’s created by future stars, some of it’s created by talented fans, and some of it’s endearingly silly. All of it is awesome.