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Editor Taneka Stotts Brings the Fire to 'Elements' [Back Pages]
The Elements Anthology is the latest comics anthology spearheaded by editor Taneka Stotts, who you should know as one of the fine folks who brought Beyond to life last year. A collection of comics by people of color, Elements is planned to be the first in a series of books --- each one of which, no surprise, will focus on an element. First up? Fire. That should gives you an idea of just how hard the series plans to hit straight out the gate; the emphasis is on passion, rage, emotion, raw power. You should expect to find all of that in the pages of Elements if it reaches it's Kickstarter goal. ComicsAlliance spoke to Stotts about her role as editor, why she wanted to strike the match and start the anthology up, and what people can expect when the Fire hits this year.