Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Kickstarter Launched To Teach You Languages VIa Comics
If three years of mandatory French classes in high school taught me anything, it's that learning a new language is not only incredibly hard; if you're not motivated, it's pretty much impossible. Thankfully, there might be a new way around that thanks to LingoZing, a new app that teaches readers new languages via comic books, which has launched a Kickstarter campaign today.
Storybundle Offers Ebooks From KC Green, Zach Weiner And More
Y'all are familiar with the concept of Bundles, right? If you're not, it's pretty simple: A bunch of stuff -- video games, comics, ebooks, that sort of thing -- is put together and and sold as a pay-what-you-want bundle, with additional content available if you meet a certain minimum. It's a pretty great way to check out new stuff along with items you've been curious about without spending a lot of money, while simultaneously supporting independent creators. For the next six days, has a set of pretty amazing webcomics-related content that you can snag for whatever you want to pay. Put together by The Devastator, the quarterly comedy magazine, the bundle includes content from Gunshow creator KC Green, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal's Zach Weiner, Tales to Suffice's Kenny Kiel, and more.
SMBC's Zachary Weiner Kickstarts A Kids' Book With Boulet
I'm going to say this straight out: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal creator Zachary Weiner doesn't really need your help to get his children's book, Augie and the Green Knight, published. In not even six full days, he reached the $200,000 mark on Kickstarter. His goal was $30,000. He's doing OK. That said, it still may be worth backing the project to get yourself a copy of this book. The story sounds like a really fun adventure featuring a whip-smart young girl, and it's gorgeously illustrated by Boulet of the fantastic webcomic Bouletcorp. It may just be the perfect thing for a kid in your life, or, you know, yourself.
Best Webcomics Ever (This Week) 1.15.12
There are some excellent offerings in this week's round-up, so I hope you're prepared to waste some valuable time online after reading this post. Wait, what am I saying?! You clearly do if you're reading these words. Stupendous! I know I mention a handful of the same webcomics each week, but I have to point out that the most recent update from The Gutters is, again, pretty damn funny...
‘The Most Dangerous Game’ Collects the Best Year of ‘Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal’
In general, gag webcomics are not my favorites, but there are, of course, sublime exceptions: CA contributors Let's Be Friends Again, The Perry Bible Fellowship, HIJInks Ensue, xkcd and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. SMBC has been online for nearly ten years, and creator Zach Weiner has always had an eye for unusual jokes, however, from oddball puns to nuggets of science fictional ideas to fr
The Formula for How Many Bugs Superman Eats While Flying [Comic]
People say they want realism in comics, but let's be honest -- they don't. 1) Because reality is often very boring, 2) because superpowers are inherently unrealistic and 3) because even if we're willing to suspend our belief and accept that they could exist, they're still going to be surrounded by a million other details that are just as unrealistic...