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Link Ink: Comics, Film/TV and Gaming News Links 09.29.14
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‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Star Emma Stone Encounters Two Spideys On ‘Saturday Night Live’ [Video]
Two Spider-Men dropped in on host Emma Stone last night during her Saturday Night Live monologue. On one side she faced a Spidey-costumed Andy Samberg as he shot silly string, inquired about Stone's role as Gwen Stacy, referenced a similar monologue from when former Mary Jane Kirsten Dunst hosted SNL and teased her The Amazing Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield for his name's similarities to a certa
Parting Shot: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Skewers Anime and J-Pop Fans [Video]
Actress Anna Faris hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend, appearing in a skit called "J-Pop America Fun Time Now" that parodied American fans of anime and J-Pop and even implied -- via Jason Sudeikis as a frustrated Japanese language professor -- that the fetishization of Japanese culture in some corners of fandom could border on racism...
X-Men Star in ‘SNL’ Sketches in Bobby Rubio’s World [Art]
Pixar's pile of Oscars proves they know how to pick their creators, and so do the lively superhero sketches on their story artist Bobby Rubio's Chasing Rockets blog. Amid tributes to some classic Chris Farley and Justin Timblerlake Saturday Night Live moments, he's managed to work in a great The Hangover homage, as well as a quiet moment with Nightwing and Starfire...
SNL’s ‘Gublin & Green’ will Litigate Your Spider-Man Musical Injury [Video]
The only thing worse than the Littleton Fire Rescue department's Safety Spidey cable access video is Julie Taymor and U2's Spider-Man musical, Turn Off the Dark. While no new injuries were reported throughout the entire month of January, the production remains best known for its ability to bruise, concuss, break or otherwise maim anyone within six blocks of the Foxwoods Theatre in New York... R
SNL ‘The Cape’ Parody Pretty Much Just Like the Real Show [Video]
If you're still on the fence about giving NBC's new superhero show The Cape a shot, you can read our own Chris Sims' thoughtful review of the premiere, in which he discusses the series in the context of established genre parameters and breaks down the pros and cons of the show's characters, plot and overall approach...

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