Link Ink: Spider-Man Hijinks In Poland, Geoff Johns In Michigan And ‘Paragon Lost’ Gets Prinze Jr.
Cosplay: Sylwester Adam Wardęga dresses as Spider-Man and cheers up/annoys citizens and government employees in Poland. Industry: Oni Press has promoted George Rohac to Director of Business Development. Fresh Ink! Online: Blair Butler and writer Sam Humphries (Sacrifice, Ultimates, Higher Earth) share their favorite comics of the week including Locke & Key, The Walking Dead, Scalped, Inco
Link Ink: Picking Powers, Chopping Bowsers and Spiders Love Dolphins
Threads: It's good to have options, and the new "Pick Your Powers" tee from Threadless is overflowing with them. I think I pick radioactive spider. Clichés: iFanboy takes a look at the lazy narrative of "Nerd Pride" in the wider media and wonders if even well-intentioned fans aren't part of the problem for embracing "Comic Book Guy" stereotypes. Ani...
‘Scott Pilgrim’ Video Game Gets Playable Knives Chau and 2 New Modes
As much as fans loved the retro-but-way-better aesthetic of "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game," a few reasonable gripes kept it from attaining the gameplay perfection it might have otherwise achieved. This November, Ubisoft's offering downloadable content will address a healthy portion of the game's initial kinks plus add new playable character Knives Chau and and two brand new play