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Comicker Digital Takes to Kickstarter to Launch Print Line
Crowdfunding has become an important part of how comics get made, allowing creators to pitch their work directly to readers, and providing opportunities for comics that traditional publishers may not consider. With Back Pages, ComicsAlliance hopes to provide a spotlight for some of the best comics crowdfunding projects we can find. Created by Sean E. Williams and Saori Adams, Comicker Digital is offering a wide slate of digitla comics on a subscription model, with a focus on allowing creators to work to their own schedules. Now Comicker Digital is expanding into print, under the not entirely unexpected name of Comicker Press. To do this, the founders have turned to Kickstarter to help fund the books. ComicsAlliance spoke to co-founder Williams about the move, how the digital comics marketplace looks right now, and what readers can expect from the publisher in the future.
Weekender: Atwood, Copra, Kindred, and Sanjay's Super Team
The weekend is here! Put down your paperwork, throw your stationery out of the window, and do a victory spin in your office chair, because it’s time to catch up on that greatest of all media: comics! What’s been going on this week? There’s so much comics that there’s no way anybody can keep up with all of it — so Weekender is here to catch you up on some of the stories you may have missed, and some of the best writing about comics from the past few days.
Hernandez, Staggs And Williams Talk 'Sensation Comics'
Next month, DC Comics will launch Sensation Comics, a digital-first anthology series featuring new Wonder Woman stories from a wide variety of creators and styles. This approach follows in the footsteps of the acclaimed Adventures Of Superman series, and is similarly structured – a new 10-page digital chapter will be released each week, and the stories will then be collected in a monthly print edition, with paperbacks presumably to follow. During last weekend's San Diego Comic-Con, we got the chance to hang out at the DC booth and have a quick round-table conversation with legendary Love & Rockets cartoonist Gilbert Hernandez, Smallville illustrator Cat Staggs, and Vampire Diaries writer Sean E. Williams, and ask about what they have planned for their installments of the new Wonder Woman book.