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'Empowered' Shatters Conventions Of Superhero Story And Sex
Adam Warren's Empowered is one of the best superhero comics being made today. Sometimes I think Empowered might end up being one of the greatest superhero comics ever. The elements are all there: engaging characters, a plot that springs from them organically, an inventive setting, and scads of emotion. Its parodical beginnings -- based in the jokey premise of superpowered woman Empowered de-power
Noh-Varr No More: Saying G'bye To Marvel's First Male Pinup
Young Avengers has gone away again. It's a state of affairs that fans of the book are used to. Series writer Kieron Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie have set off to create a new book about super-teens, The Wicked & The Divine, and Young Avengers fans are left hoping someone else will pick up the baton. Pending any announcements this convention season, that means a lot of fan favorite characters now go back into mothballs, including Marvel's premier gay teen couple, Wiccan and Hulkling, and breakout fashion icon Miss America. But the one I'll miss the most? Marvel's first male pin-up; Marvel Boy.
‘Empowered’ Is Back With More Sexy Superheroine Comedy! [Exclusive Preview]
Superheroines have a less than savory history when it comes to certain aspects of anatomy. To get to highlights like "Sky Doll" and Kevin Maguire-drawn nudie scenes, you've got to wade through a veritable forest of wasp-thin waists, women standing on tiptoe, men with nonexistent packages, and breasts that are more like gravitational anomalies than anything even remotely sexy...