Hammering Away at the History of Thor
Heavy is the hand that wields the hammer. Or something.
There's never been a better time for fans that pledge themselves to the Mighty Thor. He's got a top-selling book, a major motion picture active in the works, and a central role in "Siege," Marvel's next major mi…
Is Marvel Shelving The Mega-Event After ‘Siege?’
Since the success of 1984's "Secret Wars," Marvel Comics has delivered crossovers to the comics crowd with staggering reliability.
From champion contests to apocalyptic ages, civil wars and dark reigns, readers have voted, year in and year out, to uphold the publisher's me…
Should Captain America Shoot a Guy in the Head?
Thanks to Marvel's steady stream of images promoting the upcoming "Siege" event, it's pretty hard not to think about Thor, Iron Man and Captain America punching people in the face (or being punched themselves).
As a mondo thunder god fan, yesterday's images of the Odinson getting pummeled d…

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