Sonic Super Digest

Feel the Fury of Metal Sonic in 'Sonic Super Digest' #14 [Preview]
Did you start reading Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe during the latest crossover event? Curious how all the characters you recall from the fast and furious video game franchise have ended up where they are now? Archie's got you covered with the Sonic Super Digest. Reprinting classic Sonic stories from the various comics under the Archie Action imprint, the Super Digest offers you a way to get caught up on the antics of Sonic and friends without hunting down back issues at your LCS. Courtesy of Archie Comics, we've got a preview of the latest collection, which is due out tomorrow. Featuring tales from Sonic Universe #75, zany antics from the Sonic Boom universe, and Eggman's robot henchmen messing around while they think the big bossman isn't watching, Sonic Super Digest brings things together from the time just before "Worlds Unite" kicked off.