Gift Guide: What To Buy Your Favorite Shipper Friends
When people get intensely into a fandom, they often develop strong feelings about characters. That emotional involvement can turn into shipping: "supporting or wishing for a particular romantic relationship" between characters, according to the ultimate fandom wiki Fanlore. This gift guide provides ideas for gifts for the shipper in your life across various fandoms. Of course, you may want to casually check who they ship before you buy anything!
With You Till the End of the Line: The Best Stucky Fanart
What do we talk about when we talk about love? That Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes love each other is inarguable. It's all over those first two Captain America movies. It's in their goodbyes and their reunions. It's in the pain on Steve's face when Bucky doesn't recognize him, and the pain on Bucky's face when he does. It's in Bucky offering frail young Steve a place to stay, and in superhero Steve offering damaged cyborg Bucky a helping hand. So we can all agree that Steve and Bucky, Captain America and the Winter Soldier, love each other a lot. It's only the nature of their love that's up for debate. We all know they're close friends, but whether they're more than friends is a matter of subtext and speculation. Of fantasy and fan fiction.
‘Captain America: Civil War’ Is a ‘Love Story’ Say Directors
Much has been made about the “friendship” between Captain America and Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though most take their relationship as face value, there is a growing subset of fans who are reading a little bit more into their bond, something far more romantic. They even have a clever portmanteau: Stucky (Steve/Bucky). There have been entire articles examining the “barely concealed intimations of love” between Cap and Bucky. And don’t even get me started on Tumblr. All that speculation and slashfic is about to get a major boost as the directors of the upcoming Captain America: Civil War have described the movie as a “love story.”
The Gayest 'Stucky' Moments in the 'Civil War' Trailer
The first trailer for Marvel's Captain America: Civil War dropped late last night, and it riled up all the feels that Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are used to; the thrill of seeing a new character in action (hey, it's Black Panther, finally!); the wonder at the awe-inspiring action and athelticism (Steve doing helicopter stretches!); the worry about how Black Widow's wig will look this time (pretty good). But this trailer --- and this movie --- brings extra feels, because it's the third and possibly final chapter in the MCU's greatest romance; the ballad of Bucky and Steve. If you came to this trailer hoping for some lingering glances and barely concealed intimations of love, you weren't going to leave disappointed. Let's review the gayest Stucky moments (that's Steve/Bucky) in the Civil War trailer.