10 Completely Insane Super-Hero Halloween Costumes... For Your Dog
We're only two short weeks away from Halloween, the holiday devoted in equal parts to the undead, candy, and dressing up in costumes. These three things are pretty amazing in their own right, but when they're combined, they make for one of the most fun times of the year. So fun, in fact, that many people think the the joy of Halloween should extend beyond human beings. Thus, the thriving industry
A Tourist’s Guide to Superhero Cities
So you've come to see beautiful New Metrothamork, home of a prominent superhero! Welcome! Like most people, you've always dreamed of traveling to the city of Awesome-Man to see him fight villains, banter, and romance his on-again-off-again girlfriend...
The Periodic Table Of Super-Powers
With 70 years of super-hero comics behind us, there have been a lot of super-powers on the printed page -- so many, in fact, that even the most dedicated comics reader can occasionally have a hard time keeping them straight. tweetmeme_url = 'http://comicsalliance...
Heroes, Zeroes Crash Pictures in Superhero Photobombs
The word "photobomb" is relatively new -- most of us only learned it recently, thanks to a certain Canadian ground squirrel -- but the phenomenon has been around for as long as cameras. And really, if there'd been any possible way to photobomb a painting, I'm sure some histortical douchebag out there would have done that too...
The Top 10 Superheroes You Want as Part of Your Family
With Mother's Day just around the corner, you may be preparing for a phone call -- or a visit -- to the family home, something you may be either looking forward to, or dreading. You can't choose your family, as the old saying goes. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared to, just in case you get the chance. If you could choose any heroes from your favorite comic to join your family tree, w
Marvel Superhero Ski Masks for Winter, Halloween, Bank Robberies
Despite being fictional, superheroes can still save you from a lot of things: Boredom, the crushing quotidian grind of your daily life, and thanks to these Marvel superhero ski masks, the cold. They come in Wolverine, Captain America, Hulk, the Punisher, Iron Man, and Spider-Man styles, and while it's doubtful that perpetual pauper Peter Parker would be a frequent visitor to Aspen, or that blue-c
The 21 Awesomest Superhero Mods for My Little Pony
Comics artist Junko Mizuno ("Strange Tales") recently designed a custom My Little Pony for Hasbro, and it got me wondering whether there were more comic book versions of the collectible horsey toys of my youth. It turns out that there's a very active My Little Pony modding community that has produced AMAZING versions of everything from Galactus (complete with teeny tiny Silver Surfer) to
Superhero Obama Fights Giant Robots, Al Qaeda, Bears
We've talked a lot about the Obama-as-superhero theme, and College Humor has the latest take -- and one of the most enjoyable. It comes complete with a catchy theme song and animated video where you can watch Obama fight the recession, global warming, giant robots, pirates, Al Qaeda, and bears...
Outside the Lines: Water Jetpack!
"You have been dreaming about flying a personal jetpack for way too long. Your wait is finally over!" Yes, thanks to JetLev, you too can now fly like a superhero -- or at least, like a superhero with a jetpack. It's a water-propelled device, so you do need to be over water, but it is still a machine pulled out out of my childhood dreams and wishes that I sincerely hope will soon be avai

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