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Key To The Universe: A Guide To The Heroes Of Gold Key Comics
Thanks to their respective billion dollar movie franchises, people everywhere are familiar with the superhero universes of Marvel and DC. But the Golden and Silver Ages of comics were boom periods for the superhero genre, with dozens of publishers trying their hands at the hot new genre, including Gold Key Comics. The heroes of Gold Key never quite gained a permanent foothold in pop culture consciousness, but they've proved surprisingly resilient, and they're about to be reintroduced once again via Dynamite Entertainment's new series The Sovereigns as well as the recently announced new Magnus series. Here's everything you need to know about the history of the Gold Key heroes.
'Sovereigns' Arrives At Dynamite, Starring Gold Key Heroes
Magnus Robot Fighter, Doctor Spektor, and Turok began as the stars of Gold Key Comics, a company that no longer exists. In the 1990s they found a home at the original Valiant Comics, but now they're published by Dynamite. And they're getting a shot in the arm, courtesy of The Sovereigns #0, a 48-page one-shot coming out in April that Dynamite has been teasing over the past couple of days. Priced at only $1, the book comes from creators Ray Fawkes, Johnny Desjardins, Aubrey Sitterson, Chuck Wendig, and Kyle Higgins.
Dynamite Releases Another Cryptic Teaser For 'The Sovereigns'
Yesterday, Dynamite Entertainment released a teaser image of a robot arm splayed against a stone floor, with no information other than it was part of a larger event to do with a group known as The Sovereigns. Today, another teaser has dropped that should give us more of a clue, but honestly raises more questions than it answers.
'The Sovereigns' Are Coming to Dynamite, But Who Are They?
A major event is coming to Dynamite Comics, and as of today we only have one teaser image to clue us in. The image is of a forearm that appears to belong to a robot, against the ground (or possibly a stone wall), with the phrase "All things end..." at the top and "Who are The Sovereigns?" at the bottom, along with the abbreviated date of April 5, 2017.