The Stuff of Legend

Charles Paul Wilson III Plays With The Avengers, the TMNT and More [Art]
With a portfolio that balances powerful superhero compositions with graceful storybook illustrations in the vein of E. H. Shepard, Charles Paul Wilson III is suited for all kinds of storytelling challenges. The artist aptly demonstrates these skills in The Stuff of Legend series, a WWII era fantasy tale that follows a toy soldier, a teddy bear and a band of fellow toys against an evil tyrant and h
Top 10 Single Issues of 2009 — Hot Ink Reviews
With 2009 about to draw to a close, now seems like a good time to look back on a year of Wednesdays and remind myself of the reason I buy new comics every week. To remember that it's worth sifting through the piles of never-ending zombie comics, celebrity biography cash-ins and Barack Obama team-ups because every once in a while you find a great story with beautiful artwork...