the walking dead a new frontier

Clementine Bats Clean-up in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier's Trailer
Ping. Ping. Ping. The sound of an aluminum baseball bat is familiar to anyone that's walked through a public park in the summer, or hit up the batting cages by the mini-golf course after a round of 18. I thought I would always remember that familiar pang as something pure and beautiful. Then I watched the new trailer for Telltale's The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, and all I can think about is the sound that same bat makes when smashing in a zombie skull.
Telltale's The Walking Dead Exposes The Ties That Bind in New Trailer
Turns out Telltale Games' big reveals weren't just limited to the Marvel Universe this evening. During The Game Awards, the developer showed off an extended look at the first episode in the next chapter of its ongoing The Walking Dead saga. This time, players will step into the shoes of new character Javier, and guide him as he attempts to survive in the post-zombie world. Javier won't be alone however, as Telltale's fan-favorite character Clementine will also take part on this journey.