IDW Teaming With Cartoon Network For New Comics And Classic Collections
When DC brought its long-running catch-all Cartoon Network comic to an end last spring, it seemed like the cable station's premiere properties were destined for comics limbo. With Adventure Time and Regular Show at Boom!, assorted Adult Swim shows like Metalocalypse at Dark Horse and DC focusing on its own characters rather than those on its parent company Warner Bros...
Christian Bale & Marky Mark Sing ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ Theme and ‘The Touch’ [Video]
What we love/hate most about infotainment television is its predilection for non-ironic irrelevancy, and what we love/hate/mostly love most about Christian Bale is his penchant for amusing disagreeability. The two love/hates met pleasantly in a recent segment on ABC News' Popcorn segment, when host Peter Travers, for some reason, asked Bale to conclude what must have been a piercingly insightful i