Tini Howard

A New Generation Rises In 'Magdalena' #1 [Interview]
Next month sees the release of a brand new volume of The Magdalena from Top Cow, introducing a new bearer of the ancient mantle. Like her predecessors, this new Magdalena is descended from the bloodline of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, and has been chosen to protect the Catholic Church against monstrous threats. ComicsAlliance caught up with writers Tini Howard and Ryan Cady and artist Christian DiBari to talk about the decision to introduce a new Magdalena while keeping the previous one around, and the fine line they had to walk to tell a story inspired by on one of the most popular religions in the world.
Free Comic Book Day Announces Gold Titles For 2017
I know we've all been waiting very patiently, but the day is finally upon us. Comics based on James Cameron's Avatar are finally coming next year on Free Comic Book Day! The comic book adaptation of the smash-hit blockbuster that everyone loves and remembers is just one of twelve Gold Titles as part of FCBD's 2017 celebration, which also includes Rick & Morty, Doctor Who and X-O Manowar. Announced today, Free Comic Book Day 2017 will be celebrated across the world on May 6th, and as usual the big name publishers, including Image, IDW, Boom, Oni and Titan, all have offerings as part of next year's crop of Gold Sponsor titles.
Indie Creators Launch Self-Publishing Imprint Two-Headed Press
Yesterday, Fabian Rangel Jr and Javier Caba launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming original graphic novel Blood Brothers (Los Hermanos Sangre); today we learn that the comic is just the first part of a much larger plan, as a number of popular independent creators have come together to launch self-publishing imprint Two-Headed Press, or 2HP.
Tini Howard On Taking Over 'Power Rangers: Pink'
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink catches up with Pink Ranger Kim in the years after her tenure as a Power Ranger, and pits her against a new threat from an old enemy. With the third issue of the miniseries, Tini Howard has taken over scripting. ComicsAlliance checked in with Howard to talk about her approach to the Pink Ranger, and why Goldar is such a great character, and we got to share a preview of her first issue.