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New 'Sailor Moon' Anime To Premiere In July
After some delays that set it back for a year, a new Sailor Moon anime series will finally debut premiere this July, according to the franchise's 20th anniversary project website. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon from Toei animiation, the same company responsible for the mid-1990s anime series, will be available worldwide, subtitled in 10 different languages, streaming on the Niconico service. Munehisa
First Promotional Images For Toei’s CG ‘Captain Harlock’ Surface
Earlier this week we relayed the relatively amorphous news that Toei Animation has plans to complete new "Space Pirate Captain Harlock" and "Daikuu Maryu Gaiking" CG animated features for international audiences. According to Anime News Network things are moving right along at Toei, however, which has released new promotional images teasing the look of the film and has reported