Tom and Jerry

Boomerang Launches As Streaming Service For Classic Cartoons
One of the best things about being a kid watching cartoons is that you just don't care when they're from, because the best ones are timeless. Whether it's Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry or Scooby Doo, Where Are You? the best animation has been enjoyed by generation after generation, passed down by those who lived it when they were kids. Soon, a whole new generation will get the chance to enjoy those classic cartoons thanks to the launch of Boomerang as an over-the-top steaming service providing access to some of the most beloved characters and shows from the past.
12 Facts You May Not Have Known About Tom and Jerry
This week we're taking a look at cartoons' ultimate game of cat and mouse, Tom and Jerry! Tom and Jerry are two of animation's most famous characters, and the concept that turned Hanna-Barbera into a household name. This video runs through the history of the characters, from the unexpected source of the characters' names (and the other things that share them) to the animator who started out spoofing the cat and mouse duo but ended up directing them to the surprising cultural icons Tom and Jerry find themselves teaming up with these days.
Link Ink — Revolutionary Smurfs, Classic Covers, Tom & Jerry
-- You've never seen Care Bears and Smurfs like this before -- a hilarious cartoon mashup of all your childhood favorites in some serious roles. -- Artist Chris Giarrusso's got way more than "Mini Marvels" under his belt -- check out these classic comic book cover tributes in his Facebook gallery...