Toni Fejzula

Dark Horse Unveils Toni Fejzula's Sketches For 'Dead Inside'
John Arcudi and Toni Fejzula's upcoming Dark Horse series Dead Inside is the best kind of murder mystery, a locked room murder mystery. To make things even more interesting, it's a locked room murder mystery that takes place inside a county jail, and the guards don't care if the inmates live or die. Ahead of the release of Dead Inside, we've got an exclusive look at Fejzula's black and white character sketches of the characters and convicts of the Mariposa County jail.
Dark Horse To Publish 'Veil' From Greg Rucka And Toni Fejzula
Following the well-received launch of Lazarus, Greg Rucka is continuing his focus on creator-owned comics, as today Dark Horse announced Veil, a five issue miniseries written by Rucka and illustrated by Toni Fejzula. The series marks the award-winning writer's first creator-owned collaboration with Dark Horse.