X-Men vs. Dracula vs. Twilight: The Mashup You’ve Been Waiting For
Ever since last weekend's announcement of the X-Men's upcoming throwdown against vampires, I've been wondering how it's going to play out. Sure, the X-Men are no stranger to the undead -- they fought the totally awesome Marvel version of Dracula way back in "Uncanny" #159--but with the current popularity of vampires centered around the likes of "Twilight," this could lead to so
The Twilight Graphic Novel Review
This week saw the release of the first "Twilight" graphic novel, in which Korean artist Young Kim adapts Stephenie Meyer's novel for the benefit of the comics-reading public, and I've got to admit that I am all for this. If nothing else, the giant stacks of money that Yen Press are going to rake in for publishing this thing will give them the ability to publish more "Yotsuba&!,&
ComicsAlliance’s Twilight Drinking Game
With this week's release of the first "Twilight" graphic novel and the truly hilarious trailer for "Eclipse," it's become increasingly apparent that this whole "Twilight" thing is planning on sticking around for the foreseeable future. And when ComicsAlliance Senior Writer Chris Sims actually read "Twilight" and liveblogged the experience, it became equally
[SPOILER] Revealed as the New Buffy Villain
Despite a spoof reveal claiming that the new Buffy villain, Twilight, would be omnipresent comic book character Barack Obama, the real identity of the Big Bad has finally been revealed... ... as Angel. Of course, this isn't the first time Angel's been a villain; he was baddy numero uno in the second season of the TV series, when the one-time one true love of Buffy turned evil following a night of
12 Days of Christmas, Day 7: Steve Lieber
It's the seventh day of Christmas at ComicsAlliance, as our 12 Days of Christmas original art series continues. Every day until the 25th, we'll be posting a new illustration from a comics creator at Periscope Studio that reinterprets the days of the Christmas carol -- with a comic book twist...
Imagining ‘New Moon’ Through the Eyes of Batman
The central concept behind "Twilight" -- and its sequel, "New Moon," which is currently destroying box office records -- is that a pretty young thing falls in love with a monster best known for preying on humankind, but she nonetheless has absolute faith that their love will overcome his desire to kill her all the time...

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