DC Universe, Year 1000: Ulises Farinas Imagines a World of Medieval DC Superheroes
Ulises Farinas has been a repeat offender here at ComicsAlliance for the crime of blowing our minds with his awesome art, like his Batman Loses fan comic and his massive CA exclusive Where's Waldo-style mural. Now, as the DC Comics reboot news continues rolling out at a breakneck pace, Farinas has returned to reimagine the DC Universe through some fan art in far more dramatic way than anything we
BATMAN LOSES: An Amazing Unauthorized Comic By Ulises Farinas [Exclusive]
Currently one of the most underrecognized artists in the comics business, Ulises Farinas has wowed us before with art depicting the Marvel and DC Universes in LEGO, Superman vs. Gotham City, and the hidden treasures of the Batcave. Now, Farinas has launched a new project called "Unauthorized Comics," where he and a host of other indie artists present their own "fan-fictional" t
Superman Faces Off Against Gotham City in Amazing Splash Page [Art]
We've linked to Ulises Farinas ("Motro") before, notably for his totally winning art of the Marvel and DC Universes in Lego, but after we saw the latest piece on his Flickr account, we knew we'd have to do it again. In the short comic, Lex Luthor infects Superman with a Starro-based "hypnotic neuro-viral" that forces him to attack Gotham City, where he faces off against the sup
Blackest Night, Marvel Galactus Battle Go Lego In The Most Magnificent Way
We've posted plenty of custom Lego toys before, including cubedudes and minifigs, but the art of one Ulises Farinas of Act-I-Vate fame shines a bright green light on the potential of illustrated block figures. The ever vigilant Robot6 caught the artists latest two Legostrations and they're just begging for the video game treatment ala "Lego Batman" and "Lego Star Wars...