‘Uncanny X-Force’ #1: Mutants Got Problems, Y’all [Review]
The X-Men have been through some pretty rough stuff. That's actually kind of their deal; "going through rough stuff" is the default setting for those mutants, and the only time they're not going through rough stuff is when they've either just finished going through something terrible or are just about to go through something terrible, two states that tend to coexist on two or three page
The Phil Coulson Memorial Awards: ComicsAlliance's Best Comics of 2012, Part 5
We didn't realize when we set out to list our favorite comic books of 2012 that it had been such a fun year to be a fan of the medium that we all love so much. The last twelve months offered readers a wide variety of work ranging from the most crowd-pleasing superhero epics to the most idiosyncratic of indies; the return of much missed mangaka and the emergence of exciting new talent; a new crowd-
The X-Men Panel: Dead Deadpool, Recolored X-Men and Tons of Art [Comic-Con]
The Marvel: Year of the X-Men panel at Comic-Con today featured Axel Alonso, editor-in-chief of Marvel, Chris Yost, Marjorie Liu, Daniel Way, Rick Remender, Peter David, and Arune Singh, Director of Communications. They covered most of the current slate of X-Men titles, and while th panel was light on news, they still slipped in an announcement for an all-new recolored printing of Chris Claremont

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