Cavan Scott and Daniel Indro On 'Vikings: Uprising'
The upcoming Vikings: Uprising by Cavan Scott and Daniel Indro delves into the immediate aftermath of the shocking midseason finale of the History Channel's hit drama, and follows Ragnar's ex-wife Lagertha as she flees Paris only to find more bloodshed waiting for her as the slaves revolt. With Vikings: Uprising in stores this week from Titan, ComicsAlliance spoke to Scott and Indro about their process when it comes to tackling an established franchise like Vikings, and the difficult process of getting into the minds of characters with such a barbaric and remorseless approach to life.
Ragnar Rocks On As TV's 'Vikings' Invade Comics
The groundbreaking TV drama Vikings is spinning off into a series from Titan Comics, by Doctor Who comics writer Cavan Scott and former Wolverine artist Staz Johnson. A show like Vikings seems like a perfect fit for comics, and I for one am in favor of comics/television cross-pollination in general. If fans of Vikings want to follow Ragnar Lothbrok, Lagertha and the rest to comics, that can only be good for the medium. And if it inspires comics fans to check out the TV show, that certainly doesn't hurt either.
Hot Ink: Batwoman, Vikings, Barack the Barbarian
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