Walking Dead

Unofficial 'The Walking Dead' Beer Has Actual Brains In It
If you had told me yesterday that there were people who read and/or watched The Walking Dead and came away from it thinking "you know, we should try eating brains, I bet that is a really good idea," then I would have called you a dope and walked away from that conversation as soon as I could. And yet, the Internet has proven, as it always does, that I am the real dope here. Philadelphia'
Robert Kirkman Wants You To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse… In A Hyundai
If there was any doubt left that the horror of the living dead had been fully absorbed into mainstream pop culture, we can go ahead and put it to rest: The horror of the zombie apocalypse is now being used to sell the Hyundai Elantra. The dramatic improvement of your survival chances is the subject of a video starring Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman, where the writer redesigns the Elantra
‘Map of the Dead’ Helps You Plan for the Zombie Apocalypse in Your City
When the zombie apocalypse strikes, you'll need to cross a few necessities off your list. Before you bug out of town, you'll need to load up on food, gas, booze, medical supplies and, of course, guns. Map of the Dead is the Google Maps of post-apocalyptic survival, identifying where to find the goods that will keep you alive in a world filled with walkers...
Original ‘Walking Dead’ Artist Tony Moore Suing Writer Robert Kirkman
Tony Moore, the original artist to collaborate with writer Robert Kirkman on the hit comic book series turned multi-media hit The Walking Dead, filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday against his co-creator. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Moore's suit claims Kirkman cheated him of his share in the rights to the material they created together, hasn't properly compensated him and h
Parting Shot: ‘Walking Dead’ Dismemberment Posters Feature Tear-Off Limb Tags
If you've ever walked by a community bulletin board of any type, you've surely seen posters advertising free kittens, empty apartments, music lessons, and the occasional personal item with tear-off phone number tags. A Norwegian PR firm's campaign for The Walking Dead has taken this concept this the next level, with posters that encourage you to remove the arms and legs of zombies in order to conv

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