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New ‘Logan’ Photo Confirms Those Reavers Rumors
It’s time for our daily Logan update, courtesy of yet another photo from the upcoming Wolverine sequel. Director James Mangold and the film’s official Instagram account (cutely named “wponx”) have been releasing new teaser images every day for the last week or so, and today’s post confirms a heavily rumored villain (or villains, plural) that will probably make the very unwise decision of crossing paths with Hugh Jackman’s titular hero.
‘Logan’ Reveals First Look at Stephen Merchant’s Caliban
…And the Logan photos just keep coming. Though recently rumored, these new images from the upcoming Wolverine sequel offer the first official confirmation of Stephen Merchant’s role in the film. Typically known for his comedic work and collaborations with Ricky Gervais, Merchant appears to be taking on a very different — and visually striking — sort of role in Logan as the X-Men character Caliban.
Hugh Jackman Teases a ‘Logan’ World Without Mutants
With the sheer volume of photos and teaser images that have dropped over the past two weeks, I’m starting to think that the cast and crew of Logan have decided to release their teaser trailer one still photo at a time. After all, we had months of radio silence on the production, but now director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman seem determined to give us a slew of images to puzzle over. If we take everything and string it all together, does a teaser trailer emerge? Someone other than me should definitely get on that.
New ‘Logan’ Instagram Photo Confirms Wolverine Headed South
The next and last Wolverine film Logan is about a week into the most recent round of production, and small details about the entirely mysterious plot are steadily surfacing. It’s the film’s neat Instagram account that’s doing most of the reveals, with a new behind-the-scenes photo posted every day. Today’s indicates that the film will take a road trip way down South.
Rumor: More ‘Logan’ Character Identities Might Be Revealed
After months and months of silence, the next Wolverine movie Logan is suddenly giving us new bits of informations by the day. We’ve learned that big bad Mister Sinister was confirmed a while back, and that Boyd Holbrook is playing Donald Pierce, the nefarious creator of the Reavers, relentless cyborgs engineered to hunt down mutants. Now, a new tidbit has surfaced: the name of the person whose hand is holding Hugh Jackman’s in the film’s official poster.
‘Logan’ Teases Photos From the Next Wolverine Movie
After months of radio silence on final Wolverine movie, the past few weeks have been a flurry of activity. Not only did star Hugh Jackman confirm the film’s title (Logan) and producer Bryan Singer confirm the film’s villain (Mr. Sinister), the marketing team has twisted open the faucet a little and begun the slow drip of teaser photos leading up to the first trailers.
Hugh Jackman: ‘Wolverine 3’ Will Be ‘Very Different in Tone’
The third and, as far as anyone’s saying, final installment in Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine movies is coming out a mere six months form now, but so far everything about it has remained a mystery. We know that Jackman is in it, but we don’t know a whole lot more than that, aside from a possible R rating. We’re bound to get more news soon, but for now Jackman himself is the only one giving us any clues as to what his next movie will be like.
‘The Wolverine 3’ Has a Surprising Rumored Title
Although The Wolverine 3 (or is it The Wolverine 2? There was only one The Wolverine, but it was the second Wolverine movie, god these titles are confusing), doesn’t have an officially announced title yet, most folks seem to expect the movie will be called some variation of Old Man Logan. Because, well, Hugh Jackman is getting old. All right, not that old. (He’s 47.) But supposedly this is grand farewell to the character that made him an international superstar. Old Man Logan (the name of a mini-series about a senior Wolverine living in a post-apocalyptic society) would make a fitting coda for his 17 years as the character.
‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Post Credits Scene Revealed
When Bryan Singer’s latest X-Men adventure was screened for critics a few weeks ago, there was no post-credits scene attached to the end of the movie. In fact, several of the critics at the New York screening booed loudly after they sat through the entire closing credits only to find... absolutely nothing at the end. But now that the movie is out in theaters internationally ahead of its U.S. debut next week, it’s clear that there is a post-credits scene that was held back from early screenings. Sneaky, sneaky. If you can’t wait and want to know what’s in the scene, here are the details.

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