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Gift Guide: Manga and Anime For Western Comics Fans
From its days as unfamiliar black-and-white single comics discovered as if by chance in Western comics shops, manga has become the biggest-selling sector of the comics industry, and an influence on dozens of creators in the North American industry. Much like Western comics, manga is for everyone, so if you know someone who loves comics but has never got into manga, we've put together a gift guide with great ideas for books and movies that you can buy them this holiday season.
'Tatsumi': A Film About A Manga Giant That’s As Gentle As He Was
When Yoshihiro Tatsumi died this past March, there was a wave of mourning throughout the manga world. His Eisner Award-winning 2009 memoir A Drifting Life is a particularly important work, and typically expressive of his gentle style. That memoir, along with four of Tatsumi’s short stories, forms the basis of Eric Khoo's animated film Tatsumi.
Tatsumi Remembers When Manga Was for Kids
Indie manga legend Yoshihiro Tatsumi has earned acclaim in the States for his bleak, heartbreaking post-WWII works like "Good-Bye" and "Abandon the Old in Tokyo" that go into some pretty dark, broken places in the human spirit. I'd always seen manga as cross-cultural comics that weren't subject to "aren't they for kids...