Justin Hartley as AquamanSome of you may remember that the Aquaman character from Smallville almost had his own show. Arthur (Aquaman) was cast , then recast, then a pilot was filmed. Unfortunately in the implosion of the WB and UPN networks we lost what looked to have been a good show. In the end, the second Arthur went on to become Oliver Queen in the latest season of Smallville, so at least it wasn't a total loss.

The episode has been available for a while on iTunes, but now it is available over at In2TV for free as long as you don't mind watching a few commercials. Go on over. Watch. We'll chat when you get back. ::Waiting:: ::Drums fingers on desk:: OK, back now? Great. So, what did you think?

If you like Smallville, then I think you would like Aquaman. Both seem to follow the same basic idea of someone with powers learning to use them wisely and getting through various morality issues each week. I liked the character of AC in this one, he came across as very likable with a bit of a sarcastic attitude. Then again, my friends tell me that I have a bit of a sarcastic attitude, but I have no clue what they are talking about. Why couldn't I have had his looks instead of attitude... ::sigh::

I could easily see them falling into the trap that Smallville did the first season and having the Kryptonite Atlantis freak of the week. I shouldn't judge after only one episode so I'll try not to, but hopefully lessons about this were learned the first time around. At least the water gives us new scenery to look at. There was some great footage of dolphins and a couple nice underwater scenes. Speaking of scenery, do I need to go into the looks of everyone on the show? Not being from a beach area I' m not sure, but does everyone at the beach always wear board shorts or bikini tops? Not that I minded at all, but you tell me how true that is to life. Last time I went to the beach I didn't see a lot of people looking like these guys.

I liked the supporting cast and wish we had the chance to see them grow. Based on the first episode this show also looks to be pretty rough on the main cast. One character ended up in the hospital, 2 were kidnapped, and that isn't even starting on incidental characters that died after a minute or two of screen time. Maybe they could move the character to be a regular on ER so that there is always a hospital nearby to help with injuries.

By the time the episode was over I had the same feeling that I did when the first episode of Smallville ended. This could be something good. Too bad we will never have the chance to find out. One good thing of this show not happening, I think that Justin Hartley made a great Oliver Queen.