The Justice League movie is still a few years away, but TV is getting more and more versions of the characters from the team seemingly every day.

Earlier this week, news broke that Brandon Routh would be playing The Atom on Arrow, and now Deadline is reporting that Robbie Amell, cousin of Arrow star Stephen Amell, will join his relative in the DC TV universe to play Ronnie Raymond on The Flash. Raymond is (or, technically, is one-half) of the sometimes-Justice Leaguer Firestorm.

Amell (Robbie, not Stephen) just finished a stint playing a superhero (or at least a superpowered individual) on The CW's The Tomorrow People, so this shouldn't be too big of a leap for him, though I don't think his character on that show constantly had a plume of fire coming out of his head.

Deadline didn't confirm whether Amell will actually be Firestorm on the show, but it stands to reason that he will be, at least in some form. ComicsAlliance staffers have seen The Flash, and it is definitely a more straightforward superhero series than Arrow is.

One point of interest is that the Ronnie Raymond version of Firestorm hasn't typically been Firestorm by himself. Raymond has always paired with someone else -- most recently, Jason Rusch, who was Firestorm by himself for a short while. Perhaps the show won't bother with that dimension of Firestorm lore, but delving into it would give The Flash an opportunity to include more diverse characters (Ronnie Raymond is caucasian; Jason Rusch is African-American).

Whatever the case, the TV Justice League (or maybe it's the Justice League of America or Justice League United) seems to be filling out. Let's add Hawkgirl or Stargirl next.