To say that the arrival of FrankenCastle was met with some fan skepticism is certainly an understatement. How can Marvel ever realistically hope to win over a fan base that's rooting for this nitty-gritty street-level killer of killers by turning him into a freakish hashed-together sewer-dwelling monster?

Well, they could build an awesome action figure version, for a start -- and if they won't do it, then Apathy Ink Customs will.

David Gallaher, author of the fantastic "High Moon" online comic series, alerted us to Apathy Ink's amazing custom FrankenCastle action figure. While some custom jobs tend to rely on action figures and their accessories with limited outside resources, Apathy's FrankenCastle truly lives up to the spirit of the character by cobbling together some ridiculous household items to hilarious effect.

Frank's chaingun, for example, was created by using "the motor of an electric toothbrush, housed in a m&m mini's tube, then covered in scraps," according to Apathy Ink. "It actually spins continuously and has 2 buttons for on/off. 2 AAA batteries."

Perhaps it's just me, but if this FrankenCastle was made available to the masses, I think Marvel would have no trouble getting fans on board for the Punisher's monstrous turn of events.

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