Before Don Cheadle donned the War Machine armor seen in the recently released "Iron Man 2" movie poster, there was Iron Man Punisher, a cosplayer that would fit in the "Core Marvel Universe" just as well as FrankenCastle in my humble opinion, especially after the Civil-War ear Iron Spider-Man, Norman Osborn's Iron Patriot persona and the action figure of Iron Man with Captain America's shield.

Great White Snark
noticed the Iron Man Punisher getup from this past year's Dragon*Con, otherwise known as "Cosplay City."

It's a pretty fun look at what would happen if Frank Castle somehow found himself in possession of Tony Stark's most prized possession, but given the current state of both heroes (Stark's mind is wiped clean and the Punisher is pretty well monsterfied) it's fairly unlikely fans will be seeing this look in regular continuity for now.

But who knows, Hasbro's made stranger things happen in the toy aisle and a similar armor was seen in "What If" #29.