Maybe I've been on Tumblr too long, but considering Joss Whedon and other Marvel bigwigs' remarks about the probable lack of Loki in future Marvel movies, I think it may have been a mistake not to call Thor: The Dark World "Thor 2: Look at Tom Hiddleston While you Can, Screaming Fans." That's not a diss. I genuinely worry about how many hearts might break from a lack of fresh Loki supply following The Dark World's November 8 release. Funko's got at least a little bit of a solution, though, with its upcoming rollout of Pop! Vinyl figures based on Thor, Loki and an armored Dark Elf.

At 3.75" tall and around $10 a pop, Funko's Loki (and Thor, and Dark Elf) should be easy enough for his legions of fans to hold onto and never let go of until the end of time. Or I guess just put on a shelf or desk and admire casually when they arrive in stores and online in October. I'm not the boss of you!

...Loki might be, though.




[Via Funko]