Todd McFarlane, who co-created the character Angela with Neil Gaiman in Spawn #9 back in 1993, was surprisingly conciliatory in remarks to Newsarama this week regarding the character's planned appearance in Marvel's Age of Ultron series.

"The health of the industry is based upon having good stories and good characters, and a wide customer base," McFarlane said. "If bringing some of these characters back to the fold in a meaningful way adds to that, then it just strengthens our industry."

McFarlane added:

"Good stories that entertain are something that we all should applaud on any level. Whether we're doing it directly at Image Comics, or at our competition, it helps keep our industry that we love alive. I will sit back and be as interested as anyone else."

Gaiman and McFarlane battled in court for years over the rights to Angela, as well as Medieval Spawn and Cogliostro, with a settlement finally coming in January 2012. At the time, the two creators did not disclose the details of their agreement, though now McFarlane acknowledges that Angela is Gaiman's full-fledged intellectual property, to use however he pleases. He didn't mention the status of Cogliostro or Medieval Spawn.

Angela is set to appear in Age of Ultron #10, which hits stands in June.

[Via Newsarama]

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