There wasn't much new on hand for Star Wars at Hasbro's Toy Fair preview event, which is becoming the status quo for the brand. Given that there's so much to be secretive about with a new movie coming out every single year for the rest of eternity, it's likely that will the be the case for the foreseeable future. What little Hasbro did bring to the convention did look good though, particularly insofar as Star Wars Rebels in concerned. While we might not know what lies ahead for Star Wars: Rogue One, at least we've finally got more Sabines coming.

That's not to say Hasbro didn't tease a little of its Rogue One plans. Like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the Rogue One series will make its debut as an exclusive figure at San Diego Comic-Con this July. That's about all there is to say about that. Given that the Stormtroopers didn't look all that different in the suggested time period the upcoming anthology film takes place in, it's likely this will be an all-new character popping up for the first time. Don't hold your breath on any of the film's numerous leads making the cut though. Those are too important to be merely considered an exclusive figure.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Rogue One's secrets will be unveiled in due time. Celebration takes place just before SDCC this year, so it'll be interesting to see where and when Hasbro and Lucasfilm divulge the next secrets of the Black Series and the 3.75" figures that don't fall under that brand. Instead of focusing on things we didn't get to see, we should be talking about the figures and characters we did see, and there's plenty to be happy about for the 2016 line-up... provided you can find any of the upcoming figures at retail when they arrive.

Every figure with the Star Wars name on the package has been a tough find. That was true of the Rebels figures in the past, but especially so when The Force Awakens hit theaters. There was a brief, glorious time between October and November when the restocks from Force Friday were abundant, and the only figure you had to fight for was Captain Phasma. Now it's tough sledding to even stumble across a Poe Dameron or Finn figure of any variety, let alone the coveted Reys and Hans. There are more Reys coming, including the great new Takodana box set, which also features Maz Kanata. It's a cool little set that features that pivotal box from the bottom of Maz's temple, as well as Finn, BB-8 and a bunch of other accessories. Grab this the minute you find one this spring. It'll be worth it.

There's no word on any more new Force Awakens figures at the moment, but the fan-voted Darth Revan and Sabine both look absolutely amazing in their Black Series forms. Both received some tremendous paint apps, and Sabine is going to be a prize figure in many collections just for how different she is from every other character in the line. Revan still looks like he belongs in the universe proper, but Sabine is so vibrant, which isn't something typically associated with Star Wars' aesthetic outside of the animated worlds.

The new 3.75" Sabine is not quite as nice as the Black Series version, but it will hopefully make up for how impossible to find the previous Rebels version was when it first shipped. Plus, this new figure has the ability to take off her Mandalorian helmet to reveal those fresh season two locks. Other season two additions include the Seventh Sister, Kanan in Stormtrooper guise, and the mysterious and completely unknown character dubbed "Red Apprentice." No one knows who this character is at all, and we are prepared to be completely shocked by his dramatic reveal during the second half of this season.

The only thing really holding the Star Wars Black Series back is its irregularity in shipping, but hopefully the holiday crunch will clear soon, allowing more of these figures to hit more locations in a timely manner. It'd be a shame if the same issues that have plagued the line since December were to continue, particularly since there are so many great figures coming.


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