This past fall I had the pleasure of visiting the island of Maui, where I got to eat a bunch of shave ice, surf while shark fins visibly poked up from the waves and eat at this place that housed a giant sculpture of a sea turtle eating pizza. It was dope. Still, as always, it seems I've been bested by Tsuburaya's Ultraman, who seemed to have an even better time vacationing in the Hawaiian islands with his family.

A new commercial from the Hawaii Tourism Japan Authority sees the sixth Ultraman, Ultraman Taro, and his family (his dad Father of Ultra and his mom Mother of Ultra) take in the sights and sounds of Hawaii's islands. Which islands? I can't really make out anything specific from my trip, but it looks like they went to the Haleakala crater to catch the sunrise... which I was too sleepy to hit on my visit. At any rate, they get some good surfing, golfing, hula-dancing, vow-renewing, yoga-ing, four-wheeling and other activities in while there. It's all the stuff beings of light from Nebula M78 like to do when they're not bound to a human host, yet still at human size instead of their usual 16 stories tall. Even their monster foes Alien Baltan and Pigmon seem to be having a stellar vaycay.



This isn't the first time the Ultrafam have hit up Hawaii's wonders, either. Turns out there's a bunch more footage of them enjoying even more of what the islands have to offer from the HTJA's Ultra Hawaii site. See it all below.



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