Hasbro and Takara's larger Transformers Optimus Prime figures have been sporting Autobot Matrix of Leadership-storing chest chambers for years now, but Action Toys' upcoming UM-1 Ultimetal Optimus Prime digs even deeper by giving toy fans a look at the Generation 1 version of the heroic leader's entire anatomy from the inside out via removable plates. Turns out robots-in-disguise are full of their own mechanical guts and black stuff.

There's more to the approximately 17" tall Optimus than removable "skin," of course. The mostly die-cast figure comes with its own display base, a Maxtrix of Leadership, plus remote controlled light and sound features including a faceplate that moves when the figure recites its pre-recorded lines (although it's unclear whether those lines will be read by American voice actor Peter Cullen or perhaps his Japanese counterpart Tesshō Genda).

The toy is appropriately armed to the gills, too, and comes packed with Prime's ion blaster and swappable energon axe hand attachment.

All that and more can be yours in early 2014 -- the 30th anniversary of the Transformers -- if you can spring the necessary $800-1,300 retailers are charging, that is.



[Via Seibertron/Artstorm/BBTS]