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Up and Out is a webcomic that started in 2013, but has evolved and changed focus over the past three years. Starting as a one-off gag comic, it soon became a (still very funny) autobiographical diary of sorts, documenting the writer’s transition. In either form, it’s a great comic.


Summarizing this comic is a bit weird, because it’s not exactly one thing. As mentioned, it started off as a one-off gag comic, then became based more in realism --- focusing on the author’s day to day life --- before she started transitioning. That's when it became more about the trials, tribulations, and weirdness of being a trans girl in today’s world.



But if you like good comics, with good humor, and --- eventually --- lots of trans stuff, then you’ll like this comic. If you don’t want to read really funny gag comics --- which, like, why wouldn’t you? --- you can skip ahead to the black and white autobiographical comics, but also please don’t do that. The older comics are really funny.


Julia Kaye, a webcomic artist who has been creating Up and Out for a few years. She's also created content for Webtoons, and she’s currently working on the Disney animated show Country Club.

Kaye began Up and Out under a different name, but in accordance to the proper respect due to trans people, we're not going to repeat it (and neither should you).




Well, let's get the obvious out of the way. As the comic slowly became autobiographical even before its author started transitioning, it's a very interesting way to see a trans person's life gradually change.

It's also really very funny; almost every strip is great, and since there's no underlying plot in those earlier strips, it's a great comic to go back to every so often, when you're feeling down, or just when you want to read something funny for a few minutes. It's something fun and light that will brighten your day.



If you're a fan of newspaper-strip style gag comics, you'll dig this comic, especially at the beginning. If you want to read a comic detailing a trans girl's transition in all of its fun and horror, check out the more recent strips. If you're just interested in reading a fun, good, well drawn comic, then check out the whole comic; it's great from beginning to end.




You can follow the series at upandoutcomic.tumblr.com, and support it on Patreon here.