In what will doubtlessly prove to be a very good move on DC Comics' part, the publisher has named Mark Doyle as the new Group Editor of its bestselling Batman line. Replacing Mike Marts, who announced a move to Marvel as Senior Editor earlier this month, Doyle will oversee the Dark Knight through the character's 75th anniversary and comes to the Bat books from Vertigo, DC's mature readers line, where he worked -- and will continue to work -- on such favorites as The Wake, American Vampire and Trillium.

Doyle's been at DC/Vertigo since 2006, when he worked on fondly remembered titles like The Exterminators and Sandman Mystery Theatre. Over the years his editorial skill contributed to the commercial and/or critical success of 100 Bullets, DMZ, Scalped and Northlanders, but it's the books Doyle's guided from inception to publication that have made him a favorite among many creators and those of us who actually have some idea of what editors do and pay attention to them. American Vampire, The Wake,  FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics and Trillium all speak to Doyle's eye for talent and dedication to distinctive creative visions, particularly those of very, very good artists. Drawn by Robbi Rodriguez and colored by Rico Renzi, FBP might be the prettiest and most unusual American comic book on the stands today, and the American Vampire franchise has played host to a who's who of ComicsAlliance favorites, including co-creator Rafael Albuquerque and guests Declan Shalvey, Becky Cloonan, Francesco Francavilla, Gabriel Bá, Fábio Moon, John Paul Leon and Sean Murphy, among others. It is very notable that several of these names have been seen in the credits boxes of Batman books over the years.

Probably more notably, with respect to the Batman news, is Doyle's strong relationship with head Batman writer Scott Snyder, with whom Doyle collaborated on American Vampire and The Wake, the latter of which is co-created with recurring Gotham presence Sean Murphy. That the hugely ambitious and masterfully executed Wake could be a kind of model for future Batman stories is an exciting prospect, even for a line that under Marts had already distinguished itself from the rest of DC's New 52.

Snyder had this to say about Doyle, via Twitter

"Thrilled" doesn't do justice to how thrilled I really am in welcoming [Mark Doyle] to Gotham as Batman group editor. Mark is not only responsible for bringing me to DC via American Vampire (of which he's the editor), but he's edited the Wake, and some of my favorite books of past few years, from Sweet Tooth and Trillium on. I show him everything I write, from Batman and Superman, and there's no one I trust more when it comes to story. He is easily one of the best editors I've worked with in my life, in comics and print. He's also a trusted friend, and someone who cares deeply about Gotham and its heroes (and yes, its villains, too).

Bottom line: I loved working under [Mike Marts] - he brought Gotham to new heights. We have terrific editorial talent in Gotham - [Katie Kubert], [Darren Shan], [ Rachel Gluckstern]. And now with Mark at the helm, I believe - or rather, I KNOW, having heard some of Mark's plans (and they are daring plans)- that this coming year will be as exciting and fresh as possible for bat-fans. Gotham couldn't be in better hands for Batman's 75th!

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