We're just a few weeks away from the release of The Dark Knight Rises, which means that the viral campaign to promote the movie is in full swing and doing things like... inventing holidays? Did you know that Harvey Dent Day was rapidly approaching? Beware potential spoilers after the cut.A promotional campaign for the new movie with Mountain Dew [Editor's Note: the drink that the streets are continuing to be ruled with] gives fans the chance to read pages from the Gotham Observer, which reports that the anniversary of the death of folk hero and former District Attorney Harvey Dent is coming up, even as Gotham City finds itself the center of a number of robberies as well as construction site ransackings:

The newspaper also offers an ad for Rykin Data, a company that's "revolutionizing personal data." There's also a URL, which leads to a site under construction but offering the chance to see a patent application for a 'Targeted Data Detection and Elimination Algorithim":

The Mountain Dew promotional partnership also offers a press release in which the Mayor of Gotham announces the signing of the Dent Act, which "gives Police Commissioner Jim Gordon the tools needed to deal the final blow to the criminal and the corrupt that remain active" in the city... Something tells me that might turn out to be an important plot point in the upcoming movie.

The Dark Knight Rises is released July 20. Let's just call it Dent Day from now on?