Your hosts, Chris and JohnYour hosts, Chris Dooley and John Anderson, along with our all-star team of bloggers look forward to delighting, informing, provoking, inspiring and, above all, entertaining as we embark on this venture together with you.

Yes, we're talking to you ... but, more to the point, we want to talk with you. It's hardly a community without your participation, and we're all about community. Whether you love superheroes, indies, Vertigo, self-published comics, minicomics or online comics (we love 'em all ourselves!), we welcome you to join the Alliance. Accordingly, we encourage you to speak your mind, and engage in discussions via the blog comments and our message boards (and yes, we'll be adding more boards). We're working on bringing chat functionality to the site now and, moving forward we'll be looking to add cool new interactive features just as fast as we can.

Oh, and, if you're attending the NY Comic Con next week, and you see any of our intrepid staff wandering about, then by all means, please come introduce yourself!