It’s been a little bit since we got an update on Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman film, but it looks as if casting has officially begun on the hero’s first solo adventure. Chris Pine is in talks to join Gal Gadot the upcoming film, reminding you that no, he still hasn’t been in a superhero film yet — although he was previously rumored as a person of interest for WB’s upcoming Green Lantern reboot.

Variety reports that WB has their eye on Chris Pine to play the role of Steve Trevor, the male co-lead and Wonder Woman’s love interest. Although no official details on the plot have been released just yet, word is that the first film will largely take place on Wonder Woman’s home of Paradise Island, where the native Amazonian women have broken out into warring factions. When a mysterious man shows up asking for Wonder Woman’s help, our hero follows him into our world to begin a new heroic journey.

That man is presumably Trevor, the hero’s longtime love interest in the comic books — he was a World War II era pilot who crashed onto Paradise Island, where he fell in love with Diana/Wonder Woman. Pine definitely has the looks and the charisma to join a superhero film, which makes it kind of strange that he hasn’t been cast in one just yet.

Wonder Woman is being scripted by Jason Fuchs (Pan) and directed by Patty Jenkins, and is set for release on June 23, 2017.

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