Over the weekend, we asked you, the ComicsAlliance readers, to tell us about the first comic you ever read -- and send us a picture of yourself with that comic. First, a big thank you to everyone who shared pictures and stories of their first comic experience -- the first time really is special, and it was truly heartwarming to read all the entries.

Now, on to our favorites! You sent us more than a few great photos, but these were the ones that won us over the most:

5) Aaron Baugher

Here I am in the back of my El Camino re-reading my first comic, "TMNT," or "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" as we called it back in the day. I was just 7 years old when I picked it from a spinner rack in the shopping center right after a visit to the dentist's office. I was a little too young for this comic. I later picked up the adventure series which better suited my age. Here it is 21 years later and I'm still enjoying comics as much as I did then.

4) Jessica Kirby

This is a copy of "MAD" magazine, No. 94 April '65. I found it in my grandparents attic when I was a kid. I felt like I found something really bad, at the time! When my grandparents passed away my dad gave it to me.

3) Clay Fernald

February 10, 1986. My cousin Todd's 10th birthday party. His Dad bought all of the kids random comics for the grab bag. This was mine. I developed an unhealthy addiction that day! Thanks Uncle Jack, Larry Hama, Rod Whigham, and Mike Zeck!

2) Ben Turner

In 1991, I was 13 years old with my first job and with it, my own money to spend however I wanted. I took my first paycheck and headed off to Walmart and walked around dying to spend the money. At the end of the greeting card aisle, across from the magazines was a two column rack of comics. I thumbed through the bent and torn comics and saw "Amazing Spider-Man" issue #345. Erik Larsen's cover had Spider-Man swinging toward the reader away from the dreaded Boomerang (seriously, Boomerang got me hooked). I grabbed the book not even looking at the interiors and headed to checkout. Within the issue was Silver Sable, a battle with Cardiac and Boomerang, the introduction of Cletus Kassady, and on the final page - the return of Venom. I would later realize it was the end of the Cardiac storyline, but this issue was the one I got hooked with, and whenever I see it I remember how it got me into collecting comics. All for one dollar.

1) Alex Hopf

My First Comic: "Punisher War Journal" #18, the beginning to an eye-opening story of the Punisher taking down drug dealers. It was only a few years ago I found this comic in a bargain bin at a game store and I've been hooked ever since. This issue has made me start going into the back room of comic stores finding the forgotten stories of the Punisher! I can't get enough of Frank Castle, whether he's killing Nick Fury (1996), smoking drugs to keep up with a motorcycle gang with the Ghost Rider (1990), or becoming Frankenstein, I can't get enough of the Punisher. And it all started with this comic.

You'll notice we're posting two photos of Alex and his "Punisher" comic because... well... he really went the extra mile.

Again, thank you so much to everyone who participated! If you have a story you'd like to share, please post it in the comment section below. And keep an eye out for more requests from ComicsAlliance to show us your pics!

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