We spend a huge amount of time here at ComicsAlliance celebrating the artistry of the comic book medium. In addition to the Best Art Ever (This Week) series, contributors including Brian Warmoth curate an art gallery or two every day. We've been focusing on basic illustration and figure drawing, perhaps to the exclusion of other styles. Obviously, comics artwork can and must include design elements as well, and that's what this gallery is about. Specifically, we're looking at comic book covers or splash pages whose artists integrate logos and other text into the action -- a technique unique to or at the very least innovated by comics.

Naturally, most of these are by Will Eisner for his The Spirit series, as he basically invented this approach. The concept is so cool and creates such memorable imagery that DC Comics employed it for most of its superhero line in February of 2002.

If you dig these, be sure to check out the the nearly 80 covers at Print Magazine's put together in a similarly themed set.