One Exclamation Point Isn't Enough For Zora Neale Hurston
Peter Bagge's particular cartooning style is immediately identifiable as his and his alone, signified by big expressive faces, seemingly boneless rubber limbs, hunched question mark-shaped postures, and such gag comic staples to underline emotions as surprise lines, anger-waves and floating hearts. Despite a long, varied and successful career in comics, he's probably not the first creator anyone would expect to produce a thoroughly researched comic-format biography of American literary giant Zora Neale Hurston.
Marvel Legends Guardians Vol 2 Titus BAF Series Review
With another new Marvel movie on the horizon, Hasbro has again turned to the cinematic oeuvre to provide the inspiration for its latest Marvel Legends series. Fortunately this year, the options at the cinema are more expansive than another batch of Avengers in various shapes and forms, and we've got a new Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor to look forward to watching. It's the former that inspires the first new action figure wave of 2017, and Hasbro's improved sculpting since the last film makes this collection of galactic heroes something special.
‘Ghost in the Shell’ Review: A Vapid Shell With No Ghost and Nothing to Say
There’s a huge problem at the center of Ghost in the Shell. You already knew that, though. You’ve heard about the whitewashing controversy and the problems of co-opting Asian culture for western audiences. But as bad as you might have heard that whitewashing problem is, it’s even worse. It’s impossible to discuss the movie’s troubled treatment of identity politics without spoiling some big reveals, but before we get into those, there are plenty of other things that make the live-action remake a disappointment.
Jesse Quick Serves Shakes in Style as the Newest DC Bombshells Statue
Last year marked the fifth anniversary of the DC Bombshells, the fun exercise in retro variant covers that exploded into statues and an ongoing series about DC's fighting women of World War II. In those five years, we've seen a number of DC heroes captured in comic form, like Flash (on 2014's The Flash #32 variant), but many have yet to actually get their own statues. More than three years in the making, Bombshell Jesse Quick finally gets her collectible due, and becomes another stand out work in a line filled with hits.
The Lord of Storms Returns: Should You Be Reading 'GodSlave'?
GodSlave is a webcomic about a young woman who goes to a museum only to have her entire life change. And not in one of those hokey, “oh, she saw something inspirational” ways --- more in the, “she set free a God and now has his powers and also he’s a sardonic talking... dog, maybe?” It's Buffy meets... Egypt.
Good Thing: Learning With Stevonnie In 'Steven Universe'
While we were originally supposed to get a new Steven Universe episode this week, SU fans were disappointed to learn that the episode is being held off for a later date. Chances are it’ll be put as the first episode of the next Steven Bomb, but of course it’s still a bummer to have to wait. However, the silver lining is that this week featured a Stevonnie storyline in the the latest Steven Universe comic, and guess what? It’s lovely.
‘Power Rangers’ Review: The Teenage Superhero Reboot Is Surprisingly Fun
The joy of the Power Rangers TV series was how campy it was. It was pure fun to watch teenagers jump around in nerdy spandex suits, fly giant robot machines, and fight ridiculous monsters (one was called Mr. Ticklesneezer, another was, I kid you not, Chunky Chicken). To make a modern Power Rangers movie you can either embody that wacky spirit, scrap it for a gritty reboot, or try to do both with middling results. Saban’s Power Rangers takes the latter route, updating the ‘90s series as an edgier, darker origin story with shards of silliness. The problem is, Power Rangers is never quite sure if it wants to distance itself from the source material or embrace it.

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