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GodSlave is a webcomic about a young woman who goes to a museum only to have her entire life change. And not in one of those hokey, “oh, she saw something inspirational” ways --- more in the, “she set free a God and now has his powers and also he’s a sardonic talking... dog, maybe?” It's Buffy meets... Egypt.


On an ordinary day, Edith is laying about, doing nothing, when her friend and roommate tells her she should go to the museum… where she accidentally bumps into a man holding an unbreakable vase. Which she breaks. Ooops.

Inside is the God Anpu (Anubis, for the Greek), who sends her on a quest to retrieve the rest of his ba (or power), in order to fight against his God siblings, led by that jerk Horus, who imprisoned him so many years ago.

But all is not what it seems with this little talking... fox?... and there's something he isn’t he telling Edith. Oh, and the mayor is a giant crocodile.


Meaghan Carter



Meaghan Carter is the creator and brains behind this comic, and the finished webcomic Take Off. She lives in Toronto, taught art various places, and has contributed to a bunch of different comics, including the Secret Loves of Geek Girls and the Toronto Comics Anthology.


Meaghan Carter



Webcomics have a tendency to focus on normal, slice of life comics --- or to draw out stories into epics. None of them feel like monthly comics or action TV shows. But GodSlave does. It feels more like Buffy the Vampire Slayer than the actual Buffy comics do. We get a multi-cultural, diverse cast --- all of whom are interesting, complex, and not even a little bit two-dimensional --- plus a boatload of Egyptian mythology, and some of the coolest monster designs to grace comics.

Give it about five pages to get into it, and you'll be swept away. It feels like reading the beginning of an adventure series that you’ll stick with for years to come.


Meaghan Carter



If you like superhero comics and aren’t married to the Big Two, you should check this out. Buffy fans will definitely dig this, as will anyone who likes action, Egyptian mythology (be warned: you’ll figure stuff out before the rest of the audience), or fun stories about teenage girls making their way through a hostile world that seems out to literally destroy them.

And, hey, if all you want to read is a comic where a girl beats up a living tree to find an eagle with a monkey head, then check it out!


GodSlave is published at godslavecomic.com, but there’s also a Patreon you can support. There’s also a collected version you can buy right here.